Rumor: Sprint And Spotify Working On Potential Deal For Customers

Rumors are citing that Sprint could have a deal in the works with the popular streaming music service Spotify. This wouldn't likely be too different from what Beats and ATT have going, if the partnership between Sprint and Spotify goes through users could benefit in at least a couple different ways. This would likely open up Sprint customers to have the capability to pay for the Spotify monthly service charge, by tacking that amount onto their monthly bill that comes from Sprint. This would ultimately be easier than having to pay for it for as a separate bill entirely and could allow music lovers on Sprint to consolidate their charges together.

Sprint customers could also potentially have the benefit of getting special promotion discount pricing on the Spotify Premium monthly cost, which normally sits at $9.99. We're not sure if this would benefit Sprint as much as it might benefit Spotify should the deal end up happening. Customers already on Sprint might be more inclined to choose Spotify over a competitor like Google Play Music All Access for instance, but it seems unlikely that a deal between the two companies would see many people leaving their service providers to jump ship to Sprint just to possibly get a deal on streaming music. The word is that Sprint plans to make the announcement about the deal on April 29th, so it won't be long before we know if this becomes official or not.

Sprint's new Framily Plan is said to be a focal point of the deal that users could get by choosing to subscribe to Spotify. Basically, users on a Framily Plan will presumably be able to share the usage of Spotify for a set monthly cost, which ultimately would break down to be less than if everyone subscribed to it individually. This is similar to what Beats Music and ATT are doing, where a family plan can share the Beats service-up to five people total- for $15 instead of an individual $9.99 per person. Honestly, that's a pretty good deal and it starts paying itself off after the second person on the plan, so long as everyone actually has an interest in subscribing to the streaming music service. If you're a Sprint subscriber, would you sign up for Spotify if this deal comes into play?

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