Rumor: Parking Location Reminder Cards Might Become Part Of Google Now

google now voice command

In the last week we saw a cool new app and device combo be made compatible with Android called Automatic, which is a driving assistant app of sorts that syncs with a little device you plug into your cars data port called Automatic link, to give you relevant information about your driving habits and help you become a better driver. The app and dongle provided another useful feature though that doesn’t necessarily make you a better driver, but it is pretty cool. It helps you remember where you parked by using the Automatic link to record your location when you turn off and exit your car, which then syncs the data to the app on your phone. Everyone could use this right? Google seems to think so, which is why we were excited to learn about a rumor that Google Now might soon be able to provide users with this exact functionality.

Google Now already makes note of your location throughout the day for travel tips and relevant information about routes, so we could assume that utilizing that same procedure or similar process, Google Now could tell us when we parked. There would likely be more to it than that, but you get the idea. The information comes to light by way of a series of code strings that seems to have new code within them which isn’t found in the original code for Google Now’s apk file. The rumor also suggests that Google Now would act much like the Automatic link and record when you get out of your vehicle, and then present you with a Google Now card that not only has your estimated parking location, but the time you parked and, if Google’s prediction on where you parked is incorrect you could presumably tap an option that would allow you to relay that. If Google Now does get your parking location wrong it’s unclear how that would be corrected but we would imagine Google would have something up their sleeves.

Many of us already use Google Now for many things, and if you’re like me and frequently make trips into the city then this would become extremely useful to have on hand. There are already apps in the Play Store that provide users with this feature, so Google should be able to get something like this working from their end. As soon as we know more about the validity of this, we’ll be sure to update you.