Rumor: Google Now Potentially Getting Update To Set Timers Instead Of Just Alarms

Google Now may not be as new anymore, but it still continues to delight us with the new features it receives, and even when we're greeted by old ones. Seeing package tracking information or flight information pop up in your status bar thanks to Google Now is still exciting for those of us who don't see those pop up as often, but we love new features. New features are great, and with that said, there is a rumor going around that Google Now will at some point in the near future be able to use voice search to set a timer for any allotted amount of time you wish. Within reason of course. For example, say you're cooking something on the stove and you need to attend to it in 15 minutes. With this new rumored feature you can simply use voice search within Google Now to set a timer for 15 minutes and Google Now would set that timer within your devices clock app. The clock app already has a built in timer so Google Now wouldn't need to do much work.

Google Now already has a similar functionality that allows users to set an alarm, but that is of course inherently different than setting the timer itself. You can still at this point in time use Google Now to set an alarm for the time that you need, but that would only set up an alarm to go off after the time you requested and not he countdown timer itself. So if it's 6:30 and you need 15 minutes, than you'd set an alarm for 6:45. As we said this is still a little different than setting an actual timer, so it'll be nice if we get the ability for Google Now to properly set a timer instead of alarms.

Google Now is one of those ever updating features that plenty of people get many uses out of. While this feature seems like a no brainer and seems like something Google would love to add in, rumors are still rumors. The images posted here are also just our own interpretations of how this feature would look if already available. Would you find this feature useful if it was already something usable within Google Now?

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