Rumor: Google May Be Developing A Premium Service Support System Called Android Silver

If you have ever been inside a carrier store to pick up a new android device, you know that not every store usually provides the same type of experience when it comes to support and service of those devices. When it comes to Android in general as a mobile OS, people sometimes tend to have glaringly different experiences when it comes to things like software updates, support for their device if things aren't working correctly, and how to use certain features. Google wants to change the mainstream stigma that people have with android when it comes to differing experiences for its users, and in an attempt to do so the rumor is that they might be working on a way to implement better service and support to customers who are looking to purchase an Android handset, whether it be their first, or their next. This service is rumored to be called Android Silver.

The goal of Android Silver, if it even becomes something of a reality that customers will actually get to deal with, will be to provide enhancements in a number of ways to android users with their handsets. One way would be to provide 24/7 customer support via hangouts to users who are having problems with their phones, with a feature called(or codenamed) hangouts assistant, which is a live hangout where a specialist could take over your device and assist you in fixing your issue. Along with that, Android Silver device buyers would be met with a presumably painless experience of transferring data to their new device that could be completed in a relatively short period of time, like say five minutes or less. According to the highlights of this specific feature of the service, users would have the option of picking and choosing what they want transferred over, as well as be given a nothing slips through the cracks guarantee which we'll take to mean that whatever they want transferred is guaranteed to make the jump.

There are other parts to the service which would seem to be a requirement, like assistance with setting up a brand new Google account for new users of android, as well as get them acquainted with downloading apps and making purchases by completing the first purchase for the customer from within the Play Store. Some of these services and help tools would have to be completed by the reps in carriers stores, and in some cases these practices already happen at various carrier locations, just not per Google and the Android Silver service. There is also a Never Lost feature that looks to be part of the Android Silver service, in which customers would be able to utilize the feature to do various things related to personal security like lock their device, wipe it, back it up, locate it etc. If Android Silver becomes a real thing, it's listed that carrier stores will have a specific setup inside the stores for where Android Silver devices would be displayed, of which there would be 5 in total at any given time and which Google themselves would designate. Right now Android Silver is something that is just a rumor, but it would certainly help plenty of customers with new devices. We just wonder how carriers will feel about the whole situation if some of the work relies on them, or if it would relay a worry about it effecting sales performance due to time. What do you think about Android Silver? Is this something you'd like to see inside your carrier stores in the future?


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