Rumor: Android TV is About to Invade Your Living Room


Your living room is about to get a little bit more Googley, according to a bombshell of a news story that just hit the Internet about the search engine giant's latest endeavor. Word has it, the announcement of Android TV is on the horizon, and the goal for the platform is to provide an "extremely simple set-top-box experience" to consumers, while making it simple to find and enjoy the latest and greatest content.

It is important that Android TV is not confused with Google TV, even though the latter was an Android-based platform. Rather than trying to provide a smartphone-esque experience on your television screen, Google has toned things down tremendously with Android TV. In fact, Google writes in documents obtained by The Verge, "Android TV is an entertainment interface, not a computing platform." The document also states that "Android TV is Android, optimized for the living room consumption experience on a TV screen. It will be cinematic, fun, fluid, and fast."


There is already talk of a number of app developers on board to create apps and games for the Android TV platform. The list of compatible apps is said to include Google's own YouTube, Play Movies and Hangouts, as well as a number of popular streaming services that have become a staple in today's mainstream media consumption, like Netflix, Hulu, Songza, Pandora, Vevo and more. There's no talk of what kinds of games to expect to see on Android TV, but it might be safe to assume there won't be anything too intricate, considering Google's initiative to keep the platform simple. That's not to say there won't be anything fun to play, rather you might want to look elsewhere if you're looking for a more game-oriented experience.

It's still very early to tell if there's any truth to this story. We all know images can be faked, and buzz can be falsely created. Even The Verge states that Google declined to comment for this story — you didn't expect them to fully leak their own goodies, did you? For now, all we have are the screenshots provided by The Verge and the information they've passed along. If the screenshots are fake, they're at least well done and thought provoking.

No pricing information or time frame for an announcement was given, but with Google I/O coming up next month, what better time and place is there for such an announcement? We'll certainly stay tuned to this one, but for now we want to know what you think about Android TV. Drop us a comment in the thread below.



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