Root Required: XDA Mod Gives Your HTC One M8 A Boost In Volume Output

High quality audio has always been something that users have wanted from their smartphones. Music lovers, gamers, and film buffs all enjoy and appreciate crystal clear and high quality sound output from their mobile devices, allowing them to enjoy a similar type of audio experience they might get from home through their home entertainment center. This is just one reason that the HTC One, and now the HTC One M8 have been highly praised-because of their dual front speakers with Boom Sound-and continue to be sought after devices for those who are seeking an unmatched audio experience from a smartphone. The old HTC One had great sound quality, but HTC wanted to do better. This year they have, delivering the HTC One M8 with the same loved dual front speakers, Boom Sound included, but they have made it so the speakers with the One M8 are 25% louder than those that come with the original HTC One.

While this a great start, some might want even louder audio output. If you have a set of headphones with their own separate audio control, this can sometimes be achieved, but not everyone can or cares to rush out and pick up a set of headphones or earbuds that deliver this feature, and will end up using a regular set of headphones or just listen with the speakers themselves. This is where this XDA mod comes in. A member over at the XDA site has come up with a way to give the HTC One M8 and your headphones of choice, a boost in the audio output department. The mod reportedly makes it so that both the speakers on the phone and the headphones you'll be using give you a boost of 150% more volume output, making things even louder than before.

It should go without saying that this type of mod obviously requires root access to achieve the end goal, but for those who are unfamiliar with rooting and all that comes along with the process, if your phone has not been rooted, you cannot get this sound boost. If you wish to get this increased volume output on your M8, we recommend looking into rooting your device(properly of course) before you attempt to read through the XDA thread on the sound mod. For everyone who already has their M8 rooted, jump to the XDA thread link below where all the details lie in wait for you.

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