PSA: While Dramatic, This Could Be The Result Of Texting When Behind The Wheel

States and local areas around the country have cracked down on usage of phones and other mobile devices while behind the wheel, but no matter how much you tell someone they can't do something, that doesn't mean that they won't do it anyway. While law enforcement is doing their part to see that young drivers and others stop using their phones while driving, they can't stop everyone and the reality is that they probably miss a lot. There are just too many cars on the road to grab the bulk of people who still find it OK to text and drive. A new approach to attempt the cease of such activities comes from The Tombras Group for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, with the main goal getting teens and other young drivers who are more likely to engage in phone use and texting when they are operating a motor vehicle, to stop using their devices on the road.

The ad(public service announcement) that they put forth to attempt in accomplishing this goal is to say the least a graphic unsettling view into what can happen. The sad thing is that this is reality. These kinds of things can happen when you don't pay attention and if fear of getting a ticket and paying a fine won't stop people, why not try fear of losing their lives? It may seem a tad bit extreme, but extreme couldn't be farther from the truth. The ad asks teens to take a pledge and not text and drive, while attempting to make people more aware of the very real horrible events that can occur if you take your eyes off the road.

Now in normal circumstances PSA can be a bit over the top, and I'm not preaching here as I'm guilty of sending a good number of texts in my day while driving, but there was a never a time when things like this didn't go through my mind and I couldn't imagine being the parent of a kid that this would happen to. Even if you sweep this under the rug, the video is worth a watch and if anything hopefully it will help to paint a very real picture and spur a change.

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