Promotion: Sygic GPS Celebrates Easter With 50% Lifetime Licenses


Many of you might already have heard of Sygic GPS, an alternative to Google Maps on Android devices that offers improved road views and advanced turn-by-turn navigation. We reviewed Sygic GPS in the past and found it to be a better alternative to drivers who use their smartphones in place of a dedicated GPS option. Sygic GPS is free to try out for 7 days, but if you really enjoy the detailed, quality maps that are on offer you'll need to pay for a lifetime license to use them. Sygic is offering new users 50% off the price of a lifetime license for North America in its eshop. For our users in the US, that'd make the lifetime license just $27.99, instead of the usual $55.99. To see Sygic in action, take a look at the video below.

Sygic GPS is much more than just another GPS app and is designed for drivers, by drivers. With voice command support for 40 different languages, SOS features, a heads-up display mode and integration with services like TripAdvisor it's a complete solution for those looking for a better way of getting from A to B. With lots of features included, like multi-stop routes and better handling of POIs, Sygic GPS Navigation has a lot to offer drivers.



Further offering users ease of us, the maps used by Sygic are stored on the user's phone, so there's no worrying about either your data allowance or even having a data connection. All you need is a GPS signal and you're good to go. When you do have an internet connection however, Sygic becomes even more useful, allowing you to look up info for restaurants, POIs and service stations up ahead. You can also share incident or traffic information with other drivers. Which can be really helpful when driving in an area you don't know very well as it allows you get information about traffic without needing to know the right sources of information.



This Easter, Sygic is offering 50% off of the price of a lifetime license in North America (United States, Canada and Mexico) discounted price: $27,99  (Standard price  $55,99) Europe discounted price: $34,99  (Standard price $69,99) and  World (including North America, Europe, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and beyond) discounted price: $62,99  (Standard price  $125,99) and lastly Brazil discounted  price: $27,99  (Standard price  $55,99).  To take a look at the offer in Sygic's eShop just head here. Head to the Play Store to install Sygic GPS Navigation on your smartphone.



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