Press Render of LG L65 Makes Twitter Appearance


Like a lot of OEMs LG is paying a lot of attention to emerging markets, by launching budget friendly devices. For LG, this lineup is called the L Series. Now we have a new, unannounced addition to the L series called the L65.

LG's L series has had quite a bit of focus lately. So far, we know about the LG L80, L70 and L40. These devices were shown off at Mobile World Congress and they were not wowing many people. Though these devices are supposed to be low-end devices, so wow factors shouldn't be expected. So for those in emerging markets, these devices would be great options. Or if you are in a more developed market, but in need of a cheaper device, the L series are worth a look. That said, the LG L65 was not seen at MWC, instead @evleaksES has leaked the device on Twitter.

The tweet didn't say much, as always, but a picture is worth a thousand words as they say. Along with the press render of the LG L65, the Tweet had a bit of info on the specs. According to the leak, there will be a 1.2 GHz X2 processor, along with a 4.3-inch display and a 5MP camera. That is usually enough to tell what the device will feature. In true @evleaks fashion, there is no release date or pricing info included. We also have yet to hear from LG on this device, so it remains a leak rather than an official device.


At MWC we weren't too sure about US availability of any of the L series devices. Though, @evleaks had also tweeted out recently that the LG L70 is headed to Metro PCS. This device is assumed to be one step above the L65. We have seen the L70 priced at between $250 and $160 between Europe and China. So it is safe to say that the L65 will be a bit cheaper than that. Though the L70 may be headed to Metro PCS, that doesn't confirm that the L65 will be following suit. We will just have to wait and see. In the meantime, let us know, are you interested in these lower end devices? Are you more interested in the high-end stuff? Maybe you are still waiting for LG to announce the LG G3. Speak up down below or on our Google+ page.

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