Planning on Buying a Xiaomi Redmi Note? Watch Out for Knockoffs!


Xiaomi is one of the hottest companies in the mobile space right now, and their latest creation is all about giving you more size for your buck.  The Xiaomi Redmi Note is part of Xiaomi's mid-range lineup of Redmi phones, and covers the budget price range with specs of a mid-range phone.  You can pick up the 1.4GHz octa-core version for $130, or go bigger with the 1.7GHz version  and double the RAM for $160.  Either way you're getting a 720p 5.5-inch screen and a sleek body with capacitive buttons for some seriously cheap prices.  But what if you ordered either variant and end up getting something less than stellar?  That's what's apparently been happening to some people, and Chinese website M8Cool was able to get their hands on one.

If you've ever seen the Xiaomi Redmi Note and hadn't held one in your hand there's very little chance that you'd be able to tell the difference between the real phone and this cheap knockoff.  The build quality is reputedly nearly identical, even down to the insides of the phone behind the battery, bearing the MI logo for Xiaomi and everything.  What's not the same, however, is the weight and size of the device.  The fake device weighs in at a lighter 187g compared to the 199g of the original, and ironically the bezels of the fake are considerably smaller than the original, coming in at 4.32mm vs the original's 9.4mm.  The internals appear to be different too, likely running a much cheaper, slower processor than the official Redmi Note, and benchmarks show the difference too.  The Note normally comes in at around 24,000 points in the benchmark pictured, whereas the knockoff weighs in at around 17,000.  That's a pretty significant difference and likely noticeable by anyone using the device.  Be on the look out for fake devices if you're picking up a Redmi Note, and make sure you order from reputable dealers to avoid getting scammed.

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