Otterbox Announces their Galaxy S5 Case Offerings


The Samsung Galaxy S5 launches this Friday, just about everywhere, in over 150 countries and on all four national carriers here in the US. So we'll be seeing a lot of case manufacturers announcing their cases this week if they haven't already. Otterbox is the next one to announce their Galaxy S5 case offerings, and as usual they are pretty tough. We've got a few new cases this year. So we've got the Defender and Commuter series that we've had for years. But Otterbox has added The Symmetry series and the Clearly Protected cases.

The Defender series is the most rugged case for the Galaxy S5. Comes with a built-in screen protector, a big holster and everything to protect your device. The Commuter is a bit slimmer, just covering the back and sides. But the Symmetry and Clearly protected cases are a bit new to us, so we'll need to check those out. According to Otterbox the Symmetry Series:

"Slim, stylish, pocket-friendly design
Wraparound colors and graphics add seamless style
Dual-material construction absorbs shock and withstands drops
Raised beveled edge keeps your touchscreen safe
Easy installation protects and stylizes your phone"
While the Clearly protected is simply a screen protector that will work with any of these other cases. It will protect your new Galaxy S5 from getting scratches, dents, cracks, and much more. it also gives you a bit more privacy so those looking over your shoulder won't be able to see what you're reading, typing, etc. It's a complete screen protector too, protecting the front, and back of your device. Which is a pretty big deal, at least in my opinion, because I'd hate to see scratches and dents anywhere on my phone.

Otterbox Commuter Series for Samsung Galaxy S5 – Frustration-Free Packaging – Black (Black/Black)

Otterbox Defender Series for Samsung Galaxy S5 – Frustration-Free Packaging – Glacier (White/Gunmetal Grey)