Oppo Reverses Decision to Cease R819 Firmware Updates


Oppo found itself in a bit of a sticky situation earlier this week when it announced it would stop providing ColorOS (Oppo's custom Android ROM) updates for its R819 phone. Of course, all phones go to a proverbial update graveyard eventually, with most major manufacturers ending support for once-popular handsets after interest has moved onto new devices. The problem here is that the R819 isn't an old device – far from it, in fact, as the Oppo R819 was only released in September 2013.

Making matters worse is the fact that Oppo advertised frequent updates for the R819. So, not only did the company announce that it would cease firmware updates for a phone that's just eight months old, but the phone in question was sold on the pretense that it would be updated frequently. R819 users were understandably upset with this development, taking to the internet to voice their discontent. The outrage hasn't gone unnoticed either, with Oppo originally offering an apology in an attempt to quell the unrest among its R819 users.


Unsurprisingly, many users didn't buy it and weren't interested in hearing an apology. With the outrage continuing, Oppo has announced that it will reverse the decision to cease firmware updates for the R819. That's great news for people who thought they'd be stuck dealing with ColorOS bugs on their Oppo R819, with the company promising that bug fixes will be coming with the now-continued updates.

Even users who weren't experiencing bugs still have some valid complaints here. It isn't often we see support for a device ended so quickly, much less when one of the selling points of the phone was that it would get frequent updates. Some users are still feeling a little cool toward Oppo, even after the reversal, but the company has managed to make a name for itself by treating its community well. There are plenty of users who are willing to give Oppo another chance, but let's hope that it doesn't try to pull something like this again – we have a feeling Oppo fans won't be so forgiving next time around.

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