Oppo Now Shipping The Find 7a But Sticks To Pre-Order Status For Europe


For those of you that like the design of the OnePlus One but aren’t too keen on waiting till late June to have the best chance at grabbing one, international markets are now apparently get their chance to buy up a very similar device. The Oppo Find 7a which has been referred to as pretty much the same device,(and it kind of is right down to the design, features and specs which are all pretty similar)is now in stock according to Oppo and is ready to ship to all the planned international markets that were originally scheduled as launch locations. That is all of them except those in Europe. The European markets are still only left with the option to pre-order the Find 7a, but if you live outside of Europe and are one of the locations where the Find 7a is scheduled for a release, you’re apparently good to go on buying one right now if you so choose. For those of us in the U.S., that means we have an almost two month lead on the opportunity to buy the OnePlus One.

The device is set at a cost of $499, so while it is about $150 more than the OnePlus One, that is the cost of convenience so to speak as you have the opportunity to buy it now. If you can wait however you can spend a mere $350 and grab the black 64GB model of the OnePlus One. As for the Find 7a, the device is sporting a 5.5-inch screen size with a 1080p Full HD display resolution, and as far as the storage space and RAM memory go you’ll have 2GB for RAM and 16GB for storage to mess around with. The camera is a  13MP sensor but can reportedly take 50MP quality images, and if all that sounds good so far you can place an order for the device now. Since the devices are already set up to ship this moment, those who had pre-ordered the Find 7a here in the states for example when the option was first made available, will get their devices first. It shouldn’t shock anyone, but Oppo will be fulfilling all of the pre-orders for the devices before they begin to ship to those who are starting to make their purchases today or thereafter. If you’re looking for a new device and don’t mind the $500 price tag, the Find 7a beckons you.