OnePlus Will Give 100 Brave Folk a One for $1 if They Smash Their Current Phone


In the run up to the launch of the much-hyped OnePlus One, the Chinese company detailed an invite system, dubbed the "OnePlus Invite System" will be used in order to allow folks to buy the phone. The company's reasoning behind this strange way of doing things is that there's only going to be so many of these phones available at launch (a new company can only create so much, after all). As such, they're hoping that the invite system will be able to calm the crush that comes with a new device just launching. We saw terrible issues with the Nexus 4 when it launched, but without disrespecting OnePlus, we doubt they'll face the same sort of high demand.

Aiming to have a little fun with it, the company announced during the launch of the 5.5-inch $300 smartphone that a select few will be able to get their hands on the device a little earlier. How, you might ask? Well, OnePlus would like 100 brave souls to smash their current smartphone in order to get a OnePlus One for just $1. That's right, smash that Moto X, Galaxy S III, HTC One or whatever it is you might have and you'll be given the opportunity to purchase one for just a dollar. A strange way of doing things for certain, but there's a twist.


Smashing your current phone wasn't a "twist" enough for OnePlus and as such, those that do successful get one of these 100 phones, will also be given an invite code of their own to spread around. This code will of course be full price – which makes it $299 for 16GB or $349 for 64GB – and we suppose it could be a good way to make friends. This little ploy from OnePlus will be available starting April 25th, which is only a couple of days away, so maybe get all those contacts and files backed up if you plan to get a OnePlus early, and on the cheap.

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