OnePlus One Gets Teaser "Unboxing"

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OnePlus has teased the OnePlus One yet again. The new company is due to announce their first smartphone on April 23rd. Since we first started hearing about the device, OnePlus has been teasing it like there’s no tomorrow. We’ve seen comparisons between the HTC One M8 and the OnePlus One, and we’ve also heard a lot of information about the process that the company went through when they began designing the device. Now we’re seeing yet another teaser in the form of an unboxing.

The unboxing video itself is just 40 seconds long and consists of Steve Kondik opening the box and taking out some instruction manuals, a charger and then a smaller box that has the actual device in it. The only thing we’re missing in this unboxing is the actual phone. When Kondik goes to open the phone, all we see is golden light on his face. The box of the device does look pretty cool, though. I really like how everything is individually boxed up. It’s not clear as to whether the box will look like this when the device is officially available, but if it is, prepare for some interesting unboxings.

It appears as though OnePlus is having a blast hyping up and teasing this product. The OnePlus One is supposed to have about 90% of what consumers want in a flagship phone, as well as a really good price. We recently learned that in Europe, the OnePlus One will be going for less than 350€. We haven’t heard a whole lot about pricing here in the US, but Kondik did state that we can expect the phone at a decent price. The OnePlus One is also supposed to feature a 3100 mAh battery, a 5.5-inch screen and a 13-megapixel rear facing camera.

The teasers and pranks will keep coming until the day of the announcement, it appears. People seem to be a lot more accepting of this kind of teasing. OnePlus seems to be having a grand old time with it as well. They’ve been extremely honest about what to expect with their device, and when comparing the OnePlus One to the HTC One M8, it looked like they really think they’ve figured out how to make a good flagship. We’ll have to wait, though. In a little over two weeks, we’ll see just what OnePlus has to offer and if their device is as good as they’ve hyped it up to be. In the meantime, take a look at Steve Kondik’s “unboxing” below.