The OnePlus One Becomes Available To The General Public In Late June

The OnePlus One becomes ever increasingly attractive as the days go by and it's not due to just the specs. The price tag and the design have a lot to do with that too. There's just one problem and it's that at the current time, the OnePlus isn't available to really anyone. The device was just announced on the 23rd of April which just shy of a week ago, and as we already know the first batch of units is set to go out to the those who OnePlus handpicks from a pool of applicants to participate in the Smash the Past contest. What might be perhaps a little upsetting to some is that there will only be an initial available amount of 100 units for the contest alone, after which OnePlus will begin to focus on producing units for the public.

So when exactly might we expect to be able to buy one for ourselves? According to the OnePlus official forums, they will start to have a small batch become available directly after the Smash the Past contest, but the first batch will only consist of the 16GB white model. OnePlus didn't mention exactly how many of those white models would be available just that it would be a small batch. Once those units have been sold, sometime in early June is when we can expect to see a batch of the 64GB black models go up for sale, then towards the end of June a much larger batch of devices open to the general public with both the 16GB and 64GB devices should show up on the OnePlus site for purchase. The 16GB device comes in silk white and will retail $299, while the 64GB model will retail for $349 and come in sandstone black.

That's still a good ways out for most of us, unless you're one of the lucky chosen who gets to destroy your old device for the chance to buy a OnePlus One for just a buck. Although it sounds tempting, we started quickly rethinking our position on smashing our old devices as we have become really fond of them. If you're looking at grabbing one of these up for yourself, it seems you might have to wait just a little longer to place an order.

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