OnePlus Announces Theme Store For The One, Talks Up Gallery’s Moments Feature

April 29, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

With the OnePlus One now out in the open and the phone on the way to being made available for purchase soon to all, there could be little left to excite some of those consumers who are considering picking up the device. That isn’t really the case though as OnePlus has announced that they’re adding in at least more goody to the device experience, one that allows for some great customization of the device which past users of Cyanogenmod should already be familiar with. We’re talking about Cyanogens theme engine that allows the user to richly customize the device on a much deeper scale than what most people on Android are used to.

Much like Xiaomi does for their devices with its Miui ROM and the theme store that they offer to those who run that ROM, OnePlus and Cyanogen have announced a theme store that will allow the user to select and apply a custom theme for use with the Cyanogen theme engine to change the look of their device. Cyanogen themes are system wide, so they don’t just change little things like icon packs or the color scheme of the app drawer like you can do with Nova home launcher. Cyanogen themes generally change the look of the icons, the color scheme of the app drawer, menus, settings lists, pop up windows for apps, notifications, status bar and nav bar icons, etc. The themes change the entire look of the device to where you’d have never known what things normally look like. This is especially exciting for those users who have been accustomed to this feature with other Cyanogen ROMs in the past, and great news for newcomers who love to customize to their hearts content. Taking things a step further than what even seasoned Cyanogen users know, OnePlus has stated that users can even mix together themes to create a truly unique look and style for the theme on their device. If it looks good, mix it.

In addition to the theme store, OnePlus also pointed out their smart gallery app. Much like current gallery apps can do within other devices, the gallery app on the OnePlus One allows for cloud based storage syncing with multiple services including Dropbox, Google+, Facebook and Flickr, with more services on the way, we’d imagine Google Drive is coming, among other possible options like Box. What’s cool about the gallery app that we haven’t heard of on any other device so far though is the creation of what OnePlus is calling moments. When a user takes a picture with the camera it automatically stores information like geolocation and dates, so it can create specialized folders for those images, creating special “moments” that you can look back on. The OnePlus One was already an enticing device, but we just keep finding things that we really love about it that make it that much more exciting.