New Underwear Project to Protect Your Testicles From Radiation Rays

April 30, 2014 - Written By Ray Greer

Being a man in today’s tech covered world has become dangerous though unknown dangers in the form of radiation from our beloved gadgets, or at least that’s what we’re often told. This danger is invisible and surrounds us on a daily basis at work, at home and all the places in between-radiation. This radiation is especially harmful to the males reproductive abilities-or so it is thought. Before you start searching for a sports cup made of pure led, Wireless Armour has an easier solution.

Since wireless internet has begun, scientists have been concerned with the effects to the body. Everything from brain tumors to birth defects have been carefully studied to find out if wireless internet has been the cause. Though some studies suggest that there are possibilities that wireless internet (in any form) may be the cause of low sperm count in men. In one study done by scientists at Nascentis Medicina, 29 healthy men’s sperm samples were collected. Those samples were divided into two separate conditions, the first under a laptop transmitting a WiFi signal, the rest without the laptop. At the end of the study they found that the samples under the laptop were worse off than those that weren’t. In fact, 25% of those laptop samples stopped swimming. What does this have to do with smartphones?

Smartphones emit similar radio waves called radio frequency electromagnetic radiation or RF-EMR. This form of radiation has also been studied and similar results have been found. Though they still have plenty of research to do in order to come to a final decision if smartphones kill or deform sperm. This could be even worse than laptop radiation since we carry our smartphones in very close proximity to our…sperm. In the meantime, time there are guidelines set by the FCC that smart phone OEMs need to follow when building their device. The FCC calls it Specific Absorption Rate(SAR), and in the US the SAR level is at 1.6 watts per kilogram. This is the level of radiation the FCC feels is safe for the human body to absorb. The only problem is, if this radiation is absorbed directly near or on the male genitals, it is unclear what the effects may be. All of this information is vital to some men,(especially those having trouble producing children) and finding a way to protect themselves is equally as vital. This is why Wireless Armour is attempting to get your support for their male support product.

Wireless Armour underwear is made with woven metallic fibers. The metal in the underwear are said to protect our little friend from 99.99 percent of radiation rays. However the creators of this smart underwear want you to know that it also protects from bacteria and eliminate odors. The two main goals the creators had were to create something to protect our sperm from radiation, and to make it easy to use without changing our daily lives. Seems like a great idea, but the public on indiegogo will more than likely be the judge of that.

The Wireless Armour project has been posted to indiegogo to hopefully gain support. As of writing this, they are only at 1% of their goal. If you feel this is a great idea, pledge some cash and show your support. Pledging the smallest amount will get them to look into doing a similar project for women-but a bra. Pledging the second smallest amount will get you a pair of the smart underwear, and as you pledge more, the amount of pairs you receive goes up as well. Below you will find the pitch video, and as the source link is the indiegogo site, feel free to pledge, or ignore as you see fit.