New Leaked Screenshots Show Off Some Of Project Hera's App UI Redesigns

You may have been hearing a lot about Project Hera recently, and we reported a few days ago about some of the details that revealed some of what Google's plans were for this rumored new project to take place within Android in the future. There have been a few leaked screenshots to support some of the rumors that have been floating around the web and social feeds, and there are some new ones that leaked out today as well. To clear some things up, Project Hera is not a goal to bring a major redesign to the UI of Android itself as a whole, but rather the better part of Google Core apps(the major ones at least)as part of a bigger goal to unify multi-tasking across android, chrome, and search.

So far we have seen some screenshots leaked for Google's gmail and calendar app, giving us a look at the supposed new UI refresh that we'll see come along with the launch of hera. So far with this new leaked screenshot for gmail, when you compare it to the first one we saw earlier in the week, there is one minor change to the overall design. What we noticed is that in the new screenshot the contact markers that display who a particular email is from are presented with the familiar square shape that we see inside of the gmail app now, while the first screenshot we saw had them displayed as circles or bubbles like what we see inside of G+. Other than that everything looks pretty much the same as the last screenshot, but it looks a little different from the current gmail app that we have installed, as the red bar up top, along with a new more rounded edge gmail envelope icon that is displayed in the top left corner differ from the light gray bar and the current white gmail envelope icon we see now.

Now for the screenshots that leaked for the new calendar UI redesign. These come courtesy of Geek, and as you can see things look completely different than they do now. When you look at things from a month view with this new UI design, days are displayed in circle as opposed to the current rectangular shape, there is also the presence of the red circle in the bottom right corner which we can assume is the new button to add events or calendar entries. Currently when you to add a new entry in your calendar, you long press on the chosen date. You can also add one by hitting the menu button in the top right corner of the app and tapping new event. These screenshots if legitimate, prove that Google has more planned with Hera than just modifying bits and pieces of the app UIs. More is sure to develop on Project Hera in the coming days and weeks, so as we learn more we'll update you.

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