This Is The New Brand Logo For Cyanogen Inc.

Cyanogenmod has been in some of our hearts for a very long time. In the early stages of its development the logo was more a representation of the bugdroid we know and love, and over the years it has evolved into what it is now, or rather what it was just before Cyanogen Inc.'s announcement earlier today. Cid. That's right, Cid is taking a hike and Cyanogen Inc. is now going to be using a brand new logo from here on out, and their letting the community have the Cid logo to do with what they wish. This change comes as a little bit of surprise but then we have to remember that Cyanogen Inc. is a proper business now, so having a more professional looking logo is probably in their best interest.

Cyanogen points out that part of the reason for the change is to be able to showcase the embodiment of evolution that their company is going through. They state that as a company grows, their brand has to evolve to display that growth, and that's what were seeing here as a result. While the logo does look rather cool, it also has a meaning like most company logos do, but the meaning is deeper than you might think. For those who are familiar with Cyanogenmod and where it came from, we know that Cyanogenmod has always been about the user and allowing us to customize our phones the way we like. This new logo actually takes the meaning behind Cyanogenmod and the companies beliefs and displays it in a rather unique manner.

The breakdown is this. The middle of the logo, or the core, is the embodiment of the company and its focus, which is on the user. The C, brings together the company and the community which includes all users, developers and non-developers alike, working together to provide a safe and secure environment for all users of the software. The last piece, the Arrow, represents the forward movement of the company and the users, always driving forward towards something bigger and better. Like all things, a company brand must eventually change, and this is the change we are seeing from Cyanogen Inc. What do you think of the new logo?

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