Nest's Learning Thermostat Now Available in the UK; Starting at £179


When Google purchased Nest a little while ago for a pretty large sum of money, our UK readers were probably interested in what all the fuss was about. Much like Google's own Chromecast, Nest's learning thermostat had been available for some time in the States and was making quite a name for itself in the tech media. The smart and simple way to monitor heating in your home, to keep things efficient and ultimately save you some money was catching on fast, and Google now own Nest after paying the handsome sum of $3.2 Billion. Now, Nest is available to purchase in the UK, but the question is after all this waiting should you care?

Well, if you're a techie (which let's face it, you are) then you will more than like already care about Nest. Reasons you should care however, range from being able to save some money on your heating bills and creating a gentler climate in your home without ramping the heating up, down or on, off all the time. In the UK, companies such as British Gas are selling similar solutions like Hive, but Nest is the original good-looking and slick learning thermostat. Over the first few days of being installed in your home, Nest learns from your heating habits and after that will smartly adjust to what it thinks you want from your heating system. Using sensors in the device, Nest can tell if nobody's around and will cleverly turn off your heating in order to save a little cash, too.


For UK buyers, things are a little different than the US version as it comes with the Nest Heat Link which connects directly to your boiler and then relays info back to the main unit. Speaking of which, you can purchase your own from the likes of B&Q, Amazon, John Lewis and of course their own website for £179, or £249 with installation. A stand is also available for £29 if you're not going the hard-wired route and npower customers will be offered the device from their provider as well. We love hearing from our readers – especially those in the UK – so drop us a line in the comments below if keeping tabs on heat in your home matters to you or not.

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