Negative Review Of Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Drives Samsung To Sue


At Android Headlines, we all have our favorite OEMs and preferred devices. Though we stay as unbiased as possible when we write up an article. We take the aspects of a device, and weigh the good with the bad and leave out a conclusion. Unless it is a PrimeTime article, or a vs. article, we want you to come to your own conclusion given the facts. Unfortunately, there are websites and newspapers that will put their opinion into the article; driving you to come to their conclusion. That said, there is an article that was spread around about the Samsung Galaxy S5 that drove Samsung to sue. Samsung is based in South Korea, where there is also a news source called ET or Electronic Times. They put out an article that had a negative outlook on the camera of the Galaxy S5. Then a different news site-Media Today- reported that the article caused Samsung to sue ET for hurting possible sales of the Galaxy S5 to the tune of $300,00. In the spirit of unbiased reporting, let's look at this situation from both sides. Firstly we will start with the side of ET.

What exactly is in the article is easier summed up to the camera. Seeing as how the article is in Korean, it translates a bit odd to english. Essentially, ET reported that Samsung is having issues producing the camera for the Galaxy S5. This could be translated to either, Samsung is literally having trouble with production, or that the camera is so bad that it shows Samsung is having issues with developing a good camera. No matter what they meant by this, ET is standing by what they said saying, "the story fits the facts," adding that they were not causing "a false alarm." There is nothing wrong with this article if you look at it from the point of view of a reviewer. Sometimes we see reviews from others that give opinions down to the sticker on the back of a device. Other times, we get unbiased reviews that solely detail the features of a device allowing you to draw your own conclusion. Overall, these are somewhat opinionated there is just no way around that. If this is how the reviewer of ET felt about the camera, than that is how they feel. They should be allowed to say what they want, just try not to lead the reader to a conclusion. Samsung feels differently.

According to a rep for Samsung, "Samsung Electronics sought a correction from ET News following the publication of false claims that can hugely damage our business and brand value." Continuing on to say, "Unfortunately this was ignored and we are now taking legal action as a last resort." A negative review can impact the sales of any product. Some people look no further than their favorite news site, or source for information needed to make a final decision. So if they see that their trusted source hates the camera, they may not bother checking it out. This is unfortunate and just the way things are sometimes. To protect themselves, Samsung needed to do something to show they are serious. Possibly not following through with the lawsuit, and just holding it over ET's head. We will definitely be paying attention to this story as it unfolds, and keep you updated.

There is an interesting side note that should be mentioned as well. By suing ET, Samsung has brought more light to the article then there may have been before. Causing others to speak up, like Jason Mackenzie to throw in his opinion on Twitter. Mackenzie said, "Weak product, no prob just bully..." It is possible that suing to stop the article, just added more fuel to the fire. Now that the facts are out there, draw your own conclusion, does Samsung have the right to sue a news source for posting a negative review that is ultimately damaging? Or should Samsung allow for this to happen and hope for the best outcome at the end of the day? Let us know down there or on our G+ page.

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