MTS Launches a New Trade-In Program Up to $250

Everybody is offering trade ins these days - trade in your car, trade in your home for a reverse mortgage, and now they want us to trade in our phones. Independent companies, such as Gazelle and Swappa, have been doing it for years, so I guess the carriers decided to get in on the action - and we know that there has to be some 'action' involved or else these other companies could not do it for a living. I often wondered what these companies do with a used smartphone, because they will give you close to what you paid for a device that is over one-year old, and I have just two words for you - emerging nations. They will give you $230 for a Galaxy Note 2 because if the buyer pays even $300-$400 for it, they still got a bargain compared to buying a new flagship device that might cost them $900 - $1000. The program states: "After being reset to their factory settings, traded-in devices will be recycled and resold in other markets, or disassembled and sold for parts."

While other Canadian carriers have already offered trade in programs, regional carrier, MTS Connect, introduces their own trade in program called "My Trade-In" and they are offering it through U.S. based Phobio.  MTS customers can now trade in their old or unused devices and receive up to a $250 in-store credit to use toward the purchase of a new smartphone or even accessories.  It does have to be used on the same day in the same store as the trade in and it cannot be transferred to your girlfriend or redeemed for cash - that keeps the money in the company.  You can check out the value of you trade in device online, but that is only an estimate - obviously, a store clerk would have to check it out.  They look for bad displays, rust, battery condition, working condition, and scratches or nicks, etc. They will still take damaged devices, but the amount is adjusted accordingly.

MTS Connect stores ask that you "remove any memory, media, or SIM cards."  Then "backup any contacts, apps, pictures, and videos that you want to keep before you trade in."  Please make sure that your battery is charged because they will have to run some tests to fully evaluate your trade in.  Remove any passwords and you are good to go. Please let us know on our Google+ Page if you are planning to trade in your device or if you already have made the trade - was it a smooth transaction and did you feel that you were offered a fair always, we would love to hear from you.

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