Motorola UK Boss Leaving the Company in Wake of Lenovo Acquisition


For smartphone manufacturer Motorola, a lot has happened in the last few years, and for some, it's now time to move on. In the last four or so years alone, Motorola has been sold to Google, made a comeback of sorts and subsequently been sold to Lenovo. It's safe to say that it's been pretty rough for Motorola these past few years, struggling to find the right footing in a market dominated by Samsung and Apple, to being bought by Google for patents more than anything else. The acquisition by Lenovo left a lot of us feeling nervous for the company's future and it'd seem that Motorola UK's boss felt the same, and is now leaving the company.

Andrew Morley, Managing Director for Motorola's UK operations is now leaving the company, saying that it's "very difficult to commit to another three years at the company now that it is in the hands of Lenovo." We're not sure why Morley feels Lenovo is going to somehow adversely effect Motorola's direction, after all they've made the ThinkPad more successful than it's ever been and they're one of the few PC manufacturers that is successful right now. Morley's decision might be more down to Google's apparent washing its hands of Motorola than Lenovo's involvement, saying that "Google was a great employer, and many people stuck around at Motorola because of Google, but now that incentive has gone."


Morley explains that he was only told of the acquisition 30 minutes before the public announcement, something that we're sure didn't help his upcoming decision whether or not to stay with the company. Little things like this make it seem more and more like Google was simply looking to offload the sinking ship that Motorola had seemingly become.

Morley hasn't decided what he's going to do next, heading to another UK division of a mobile firm is on the cards, but it looks like the former Motorola UK exec is just looking forward to taking a well-earned break. While Motorola's international position is up in the air as we wait to see how Lenovo manages the company, the Moto G has been a successful product for them in the UK, putting them back on the map across the Atlantic. We doubt that Morley holds any discontent for the company's new owners, after all he has been there for 7 years now, and everyone needs a change every once in a while.

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