Motorola Looking Into Offering Credit Members Various Rewards Like Free Devices

If you wanted a reason to join up with Motorola's Credit program, how about a revamped set of rewards packages that you could turn around and use for things you want like discounts and event invitations? Apparently Motorola is beginning to look into offering all kinds of goodies to those who are members of their Motorola Credit accounts. The idea is that Motorola would be able to offer those who are members, certain benefits packages that include all kinds of rewards for different things. The rewards programs could include things like event invitations and free phones, discounts on Motorola products and even gift cards. That's not all though as it look like Moto could be planning to offer up other rewards through the program as well.

The information comes from current Motorola Credit Program members that started receiving surveys from Motorola where the new rewards and benefits details were outlined. The surveys began getting passed out this week to members so if you haven't seen one show up in your inbox just yet keep checking as it may have just not hit your account. There are presumably two types of new programs that could stem from the information given to Motorola from these survey answers. One that is referred to as the Rewards Program, and the other being referred to as the Elite Benefits Package. Sounds swanky doesn't it? The Rewards Program would end up being a free service that you could choose to opt into at no additional cost, while the Elite Benefits Package would be something that had a members fee associated with it on say like a monthly basis.

While the rewards program would seem to possibly offer smaller things like gift cards, discounts on products and more, the paid benefits package would potentially end up granting members things like free devices and possibly even invitations to Motorola events. The survey that is being sent out to current Motorola Credit members is aiming to see what people would be interested in most when it comes to receiving rewards, so it's highly likely Motorola will end up deciding on what to offer based off of how current members respond.

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