Moto G And Moto X Successors Will Remain Carrying An Almost Stock Android Experience

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According to sources close to the matter, it seems that Lenovo has no intentions of altering Motorola’s software for the devices going forward. At least not for the next generation  Moto X and Moto G devices. The Moto X and Moto G successors are said to be coming with a near stock Android setup, so if you were afraid that Lenovo would be altering things to their liking, it seems that for now they’re abstaining from such things. They must know that Motorola’s last two phones worked the way they were. Hopefully they see no need to change anything past the new Moto X and Moto G either, but we suppose that can all depend on how well these next two phones do. Lenovo agreed to keep Motorola’s brand identity, so at least for now it seems they’re intent on keeping their word.

The confirmation actually comes from VP of software  at Motorola Punit Soni, which is as credible a source as you could get, seeing as the information is coming straight from one of the people overseeing things on the software side. The answer came up as a response to some questions during a live Google Hangouts session earlier today, which suits us just fine in knowing that Motorola will continue to forge a path of uniqueness and hopefully come out strong with two more even stronger devices. We know little of the rumored Moto X successor, the Moto X+1 as it’s being called, and we know even less(next to nothing really) about the follow up to the Moto G. Motorola reached an epic low(in a good way) with the Moto G, but it seems they aren’t content with just offering the low cost budget Moto G device, and want to strive for the capability to bring the cost of a phone with decent specs to an even lower amount. It sounds like the recently talked about Moto E will be that device.

The Moto X may not have outsold every flagship device on the planet, but it was a great phone and did some good to show what can be done with special care to optimize software in paring with more than decent hardware. Not top of the line, but good enough, and with it Motorola was still able to achieve greatness with a fantastic device. Here’s to the hope that they can bring us a much better device with the follow ups to the Moto X and the Moto G, especially now that we know things won’t be modified by Lenovo on the software front.