When Too Many Tabs Bog you Down, These Seven Chrome Extensions Can help

We've all been there, that moment when you're browsing through the web and all of a sudden things are moving slower than normal. You think to yourself maybe I should clear out my cache, and delete my history and cookies. That age old tip for helping to speed up your browsing experience does in fact work, but it isn't always the answer to your problems. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the issue at all. Once in a while when I go a little crazy and forget to keep myself in check while browsing, i'll glance up at my Chrome browser bar looking for the next bookmark to hit and notice that I have an ungodly amount of tabs open. That's right, too many open tabs can mean death for the speed of Chrome, which is the main reason I use it in the first place over other browsers. I like the simplicity of it but it also functions extremely quick. That is, until I enter Tab overkill. That's where this list of seven different Chrome extensions can help you manage your tabs so this doesn't happen.

The first one up is called Too many Tabs, and it gives you a great way to manage all of the tabs you have open by allowing a fast glance view of the number of open tabs. You can fully manage your tabs with this extension, from color customization to fit your taste, to switching between tabs and even closing or suspending them. The Suspension feature in particular is cool because you can basically remove the tab from your bar like it was closed out, but you have easy enough access to get back to it at a later point if need be. The next extension that you'll want to check out is Tabman Tabs Manager. This extension works pretty much like Too many Tabs, and gives you quick access to view your open tabs from a drop down menu button that lies just to the right of the address bar where all your other extension may sit. You can also undock the drop down menu and dock the list to the side of the screen if you wish.

Tabs Outliner is what you'll need if your constantly using more tabs at once than any one person should in a given day. Instead of giving the user a drop down window of the information of every tab you have open, the list of open tabs is ported out to its very own window separate from Chromes, and the list is broken down so that every open Chrome window you have is sectioned off with the tabs that are open in that particular window. Think about the way your PCs files manager looks. It's powerful, yet can be a little much for anyone who isn't using multiple tabs with multiple windows all the time. Tab Manager is your number four solution to managing and keeping track of your open tabs. You'll find the same basic functions here as the first two, but instead of putting all the information of your open tabs into a drop down list view, things are displayed in more of a grid with just an icon of the tab. This can be changed to show the text as well if you wish, as the icon is the default view for the extension. The icon-only option makes for a nice clean look, so if you're trying to achieve great tab management that still has a nice aesthetic approach, Tab manager is for you.

Moving right along, we have TabCloud. As the name suggests, you can save your open windows of tabs here in the Cloud which does require your Google account to be signed in, and not only allows you to save your tabs for later, but just like any of Google's official cloud supported apps, you can access the tabs from any machine so long as you sign in with your Google account there too. Tabs are sectioned off by window here as well, kind of like Tabs Outliner but with a more clean look. FreshStart is the next extension and works pretty similarly to TabCloud, in that it lets you save your Tabs as sessions that are sectioned off by window for use later on when you need to get some more work done. FreshStart has one very awesome feature here that almost has me choosing to use this over all others, and that's the crash protection feature. Crashes don't happen to me often, but more than once is enough for me. The crash protection feature can be set up to save all your open sessions at a designated time interval-for example, every ten minutes-so you're safe even if things go south and the browser shuts down on you. Lastly there's Modern New Tab Page, which takes the home tab of sites you visit often and completely replaces it with a more Windows 8/Metro livetiles design. As one would expect with this extension, the live tiles actually are live and they do update, so things can look as much like Metro as you want. It doesn't quite have the tab management that the others are offering, but it has the nicest design and still allows you to see recently closed tabs and sites you visit often.

Now that you have a good set of options to help you manage your tabs within Chrome, it's time to go out and see if any of these would actually work for you, and if so which ones work best. I myself am shooting for trying out the TabCloud or FreshStart, as I am keen on the cloud save feature for saving sessions and could use the crash protection. Hopefully these extensions help some of you keep your tabs in check.

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