LG's G Watch is to Be Water and Dustproof; to Come in 'Champagne Gold' Color


When Android Wear was announced by Google back during SXSW, two partners came out and told the world that they were preparing watches running the new software, LG and Motorola. While Motorola was a little more vocal on their upcoming Moto 360, LG kept things pretty quiet where their G Watch was concerned. Slowly but surely, we've had more and more details of the watch trickle out from LG. Today, the company is letting a couple more cats out of the bag, detailing a new color options and more.

The G Watch isn't going to be the most imaginative looking Android Wear watch on the market this summer, that title goes to the Moto 360, but the g Watch has a lot going for it. The minimal and understated look will surely appeal to many (much like the minimal look of my Nexus 5 does to me) and it'll be available in at least two colors; Stealth Black and Champagne Gold. As well as the new color, LG has also come forward and said that the G Watch will be waterproof and dustproof, much like the Pebble and Sony Smartwatches are. Being "lifeproof", which comes with being able to resist water is pretty much a must for any watch, so it's nice to see LG put it into the G Watch.


Moving on to specs and features, LG hasn't exactly told us the internals of the G Watch, but they have given us a little more to go on. The G Watch is going to feature an "always on" display and that it'll be always listening, which pretty much guarantees some sort of hotword will wake your watch up and enable commands on the device. A display that never sleeps would more than likely be an OLED type of panel or a transflective display as found in the Sony SmartWatch 2. Design wise, things look pretty simple, which hints that the G Watch is going to be a more affordable smartwatch than the Moto 360, but as you can see in the gallery below, the G Watch is no ugly duckling.

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