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With todays earlier news that LG's G Watch will be not only be available in classic black but also in 'Champagne Gold', comes a little factoid which clears up some of the questions regarding just how LG's Android Wear device would receive power. Popular theories included anything from being wirelessly powered to having a Micro USB socket on the rear of the device. Today we can put most of those theories to bed, because as you can see from the picture, there is a connector of some sort on the rear of the device, which intimates that the G Watch will charge via some sort of dock or cradle, probably not too dissimilar to the type that Samsung use with their Gear smart watch.


When LG's G Watch was originally unveiled alongside Motorola's Moto 360, the G Watch seemed to fade in comparison. It's rectangular face was deemed as 'boring'  and 'unoriginal' while the Moto 360's round display received plenty of plaudits from the fashion police. The more I see of LG's G Watch the more interested I become, however. There's something classic about its design (I've always been a fan of black, understated watches), and whilst the Moto 360 will get more attention because of its unique design, I'm not sure that I would want my smartwatch to be such an attention magnet for fear of nefarious people trying to take it of my wrist, or more likely, being caught out in a business meeting for being distracted by such a beautiful watch. But hey, that's just me being a…square?

Another small factoid revealed today comes courtesy of Paul O'Brien of Modaco fame, who has stated in a tweet (below) that he has been able to 'try out' an Android Wear device, and was able to "Action Gmail messages from the watch (delete, archive, mark as read etc.)". Unfortunately Paul wasn't able to divulge any further details, but this is a good example of just how much functionality is going to be built-in to Android Wear devices.

Twitter PaulOBrien I tried out Android wear and ...


Were you rather hoping that LG's G Watch would charge wirelessly? And did you have any wild theories on how the device would charge? Is the news that you can use your Gmail productively via the Android Wear devices something that would be of use to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or via our Google Plus page.

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