LG G3's Back Buttons Revealed Up-Close and Personal


The upcoming iteration of LG's flagship device has been creating quite a stir in Android enthusiasts worldwide. A lot of this enthusiasm is also because of the fact that the next gen Nexus smartphone – possibly the last of the Nexus line – would be based off the LG flagship. We saw this relationship in action when the Nexus 5 was released, which is a sibling device to the LG G2. Now when the release of the LG G3 – an upgraded version of last year's LG G2 – is almost impending, we have been seeing leaks and rumors galore. A few short days ago, the fantastic team at GSMArena.com had presented the first – albeit low quality – image of the LG G3 flaunting its back.

Prominent leakster @EVleaks, takes us a lot more up-close and gets us more personally acquainted with the innovative back buttons on the G3. The leakster has posted a bigger and better resolution image on Twitter which shows us just the back buttons. This time around, LG has made sure that the buttons should be more 'flush' with the back and be more streamlined with the primary camera and back plate. The image (reproduced below) shows us the power, volume up and volume down keys. We see the flash on the right side of the camera, whereas an unknown sensor – similar in shape and size to the flash – is present on the camera's left. We have been ruminating about this sensor for quite some time now, however we are no nearer the truth. This could very well be an IR blaster – though then the positioning is somewhat awkward – or it could be a heart rate monitor or a finger print reader. We can keep up the guess work, however we will only know once the device gets officially announced.


One good leak always points towards more to come. We believe in that philosophy and will definitely keep our eyes peeled for more news on the LG G3. However we would also love to hear your views on these back buttons. Do they seem more chic and functional or they're merely gimmick? Do let us know in the comments below.


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