LG G3 Shows Off a Cool Back in Leaked Images – Back Buttons and All


Since LG got off their first Nexus device off the manufacturing line, the company has upped the ante for their other offerings as well. Last years' LG flagship – the LG G2 – introduced an innovative concept, back mounted volume rockers and power button, and obviously not to miss the 'knock-on' feature wherein a couple of taps to the screen can turn the screen on or off. As per LG's own device refresh timelines, we can expect the next iteration to the G2 to be announced sometime soon, and as expected, we now have leaks pertaining to the LG G3 popping up.

The fantastic guys over at GSMArena have been tipped off with a low-quality pic showing off the back of the upcoming LG G3. The first and foremost feature are the back mounted volume rockers and power button, which goes to show that LG is married to the idea of them by now. The image also reveals that the back buttons have been redesigned to be flusher with the back, and now present a more streamlined look. These buttons are in line with the LG G3 covers we saw sometime back. However there is another intriguing aspect of the image, we see the LG G3 lying on top of a notepad, which has some interesting figures written on it. We see a mention of 2 GB and 3 GB and we can guess that this would refer to the RAM on the device – so are we seeing two versions of the device, bearing 2 GB and 3 GB of RAM respectively or else it could also be that LG is deciding on which RAM to go with. Anyways, that is something time will tell. We also see on the notepad that the LG G3 will be available with 16 GB and 32 GB internal storage variants. Coming back to the G3's back, an as-of-yet-unknown sensor graces it, on the left side of the camera. To our view the sensor seems small for a finger-print scanner and we would go with it being a heart rate monitor. But again, we could be wrong.


LG G3 back low quality

Either ways, the leak is a good sign that more are on their way. And we will definitely keep you posted. In the meantime, do let us know what is your take on the back mounted buttons, we are all ears.

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