Leaked Shipping List Suggests Samsung May Be Testing A Galaxy S5 Neo

While it's a good possibility that we'll see a number of Galaxy S5 variants in the works this year, there have yet to be any officially announced. So far though there are rumors that Samsung may have a Prime version of the S5 on the way as we reported on yesterday, as well as proposed follow ups to the Galaxy S4 Zoom and a mini version of the Galaxy S5. New rumors today suggest that Samsung may even be working on a Galaxy S5 Neo, which would bring users that are interested in the Galaxy S5 device but can't afford to pay the higher price, the opportunity to have a slimmed down more budget friendly version of Samsung's latest flagship.

This wouldn't be Samsung's first Neo branded device, and it likely won't be the last if they actually release it. According to Sammobile who stumbled upon these shipping lists from zauba.com, Samsung is already testing this device and it looks to be coming with a 5.1-inch 720p display. The model number that is displayed on this new shipping list that has leaked out points to the possibility of the SM-G750 being the Galaxy S5 Neo, which makes sense as the display is the same size as the original Galaxy S5. The Galaxy Note 3 Neo was released to give users a less expensive alternative to the original Note 3, and while the Note 3 was slightly larger with a 5.7-inch display to the Note 3 Neo's 5.5, the Note 3 Neo also had a lower resolution display which gave Samsung the ability to lower the price.

It would make complete sense for the same thing to happen here, although at the moment everything is just a rumor, but it does seem like the most possible scenario. At this point in time all we really know about the device is the model number that is listed and the size of the screen that we can expect from it. There are still plenty of specs left to the imagination however like the processor, RAM, storage memory, camera quality, GPU, etc. The screen resolution likely won't be the only piece of hardware that Samsung will have to tone down if they want to offer a cheaper solution to original Galaxy S5. If they do end up releasing a Galaxy S5 Neo, and also a Galaxy S5 Prime device, than it would allow Samsung to cover all it's bases from the low to mid to high end teirs with the Galaxy S flagship line.

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