Latest HTC Nexus Concept Looks Like a Lot Like the HTC One

April 17, 2014 - Written By Austin Ouellette

There has been a steady rumor every year that HTC will make the next Nexus device, and it hasn’t happened yet. Have you thought about what it would look like? Greg Ives showed off his concept on Google Plus. LG is most likely not making the next Nexus, because they made the last two handsets. The concept by Ives shows what an HTC Nexus could look like, inspired by the HTC One. I would love for HTC to make the next Nexus, mostly because I have been a sucker for HTC design, but love the Nexus program because you get a decent device with stock Android all at a great price for an unlocked handset. HTC making a Nexus handset would be the best of both worlds, it would be nicely designed, and be sold at a good price unlocked with stock Android.

In Greg’s concept it looks to be heavily based on the design of the HTC One, with the all-aluminum body, and BoomSound speakers. He also has moved the camera down farther for some reason I’m not aware of. The thing the concept can’t show us is the inside on the device, I just want to know what it would have under the hood, but I have to keep in mind this is just a concept device not an actual handset to be released. A nice touch I notice in the concept he included is the leaked icons from Project Hera that we have talked about earlier.

Android 5 Concept2

We want to know what you guys think, who should make the next Nexus handset? HTC, maybe Sony, or maybe even Motorola, since they will no longer own them. I would love to see a Nexus from any of these three companies. Any of these companies would have great things to add to the Nexus program, and would be great looking devices. Let us know in the comments below, on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.