The Kyocera Brigadier Is Verizon's Upcoming Beast Phone

If you're an individual who has need for what might be one of the toughest phones on the planet, look no further than the upcoming Kyocera Brigadier that seems to be heading to Verizon in the future. We don't know exactly when as the image of the phone was just leaked by none other than the infamous leaker evleaks,(who also just leaked out the Red Verizon version of the HTC One M8 earlier as well), but one thing we're absolutely certain of is that this phone is definitely not meant for the person looking to acquire a sleek and stylish looking device. If you're a construction worker, a lumberjack, or hell even a modern age Viking Warlord looking for Twitter updates while heading into siege battle, the Kyocera Brigadier is probably more your speed compared to something like the Galaxy S5 or the HTC One M8.

From what we can tell just by looking at the image, we're guessing that the phone will run Android 4.4 kit kat since the status bar notifications and icons are colored white. We can see the use of the physical navigation buttons down at the bottom, a rear facing camera of unknown quality on the back accompanied by the LED flash, either a front facing camera or the sensors in the top left corner, and what seems to be front facing speakers down below the physical navigation buttons. The phone is obviously wrapped in a completely ruggedized composite meant to withstand just about any beating you might be able to throw at this thing, probably short of a giant battle axe coming down on it. We wonder how this thing would fare in the OnePlus Smash The Past competition. Whoever the unlucky soul would have been to own this phone and attempt to smash it in hopes to buy the OnePlus One for just a buck, probably would have failed miserably.

Like most other ruggedized phones, this phone probably has seals that close off the opening ports, most likely making this beast water and dust resistant. If you have a bad temper and tent to throw things, you might want to think about getting this when it releases. otherwise of you're usually not ill tempered we suggest maybe going for something that is undoubtedly more powerful and has a better design. On a completely separate note, I wonder if this thing could save your life an take a bullet for you.

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