Internal Apple Documents Express Concern Over Market Share War with Samsung and Android


The Apple-Samsung patent war rages on, and at this point, it seems like it may never end. The latest development in the case brings something of note, however: it would appear that Apple was worried about the aggressive marketing of Android manufacturers like Samsung, and that the market was shifting away from devices like the iPhone. So say internal Apple documents Samsung's lawyers presented during a cross-examination of Apple Vice President Phil Schiller, at least

These aren't long-buried worries, either, as one of the documents presented was from a fiscal year 2014 meeting, while other snippets were taken from an email Schiller himself sent out after the 2013 Superbowl. It would appear that Apple's worries about Android are still relatively fresh, which may explain why the company is pursuing this litigation against Samsung so vigorously. In that document from the FY 2014 meeting, one Apple salesperson pointed out the company's competitors had " drastically improved their hardware and in some cases their ecosystems."


That same document pointed to sales trends favoring high-end phones with large screens and budget-priced devices that fell under the $300 mark – two categories which the iPhone doesn't really fit into all that well. Schiller's personal concerns centered on Samsung, and they seem to have been set off by the ad Samsung ran around the time of the 2013 Superbowl. "I watched the Samsung pre-superbowl ad that launched today," Schiller wrote in an email from last year. "It's pretty good and I can't help but thinking 'these guys are feeling it (like an athlete that can't miss because they are in a zone), while we struggle to nail a compelling brief on iPhone."

If there was any doubt before, these documents and emails will definitely lay it to rest: Samsung's success had Apple at least a little on edge. What did Schiller have to say in response? Concerning the document from the FY 2014 meeting, he said he didn't agree with much of what the document said, continuing on to claim that it doesn't represent Apple policy. We'll have to wait and see if Samsung's lawyers have more of these interesting documents to present to the court, so keep it here at Android Headlines for more.

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