Huawei Working on New Flagship Device, With Both High End Specs and Price

China just keeps on coming, if not physically into the US, we sure are talking a lot about China OEMs. This could only mean great news, as Chinese OEMs are rumored to be making their way into the US sometime in the near future. One of the firsts chinese OEMs to possibly make more of the US market is Huawei. Is it possible that this newly rumored and leaked device could be the first from Huawei's effort to expand the US market?

We have said many times before, that if Huawei or any OEM from China plan to make it big in the US, they will need to bring their "A" game. That said, Huawei seems to be preparing that game with an image that was (re)published by a software engineer who works at Huawei. The image shows an all metal backing of what will be a Huawei device when finished. However the image hints at more than just a metal casing.

Two cut-outs indicate a camera, and a fingerprint scanner, placed in a similar spot to that of the HTC One Max. Not sure if Huawei got the memo that people weren't a big fan of the placing of the fingerprint scanner on the One Max, but it seems they didn't. Still, this device is said to be a high-end device, complete with high-end design and specs.

The processing powers of this Huawei device seem to be at point with other 2014 flagships we are seeing. The processor inside, according to reports, will be an Octa-core Kirin 920 processor. That puts this device somewhere between the popular 801 and 805 Snapdragon processor. However with those high-end specs, we are going to see a sharp turn from where companies are focusing efforts as far as pricing is concerned.

Currently we are seeing OEMs from everywhere, focus their efforts on making devices affordable, and even tackling the low-end device range. Huawei has done that as well, just not with this device. Actually, Huawei has even come out and asked that if you are interested in a high quality device like this one, then you had better start saving up for it now. You should still wait to see if this device is headed for the US, you never know if this would be considered a spy phone instead of a smart phone. Also to add some ground underneath this rumor, the Senior VP of Huawei has said, that they are working on a new flagship device. This could very well be the back of that flagship device. So, let's hear it, what do you think so far, looking good, or going to flop? We know there is still plenty to learn before we can pass final judgement, but like Huawei has said, we need to start now, or we won't be able to afford this device.

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