HTC USA President Sees Samsung Targeting The M8 As A Sort of Compliment

Ever since the launch of the HTC M8, we have seen a different side of HTC USA president, Jason Mackenzie. Mackenzie seems to be taking a page out of-T-Mobile's CEO-John Leger's book. Becoming more outspoken and showing up more across the television and web. Now, Mackenzie continues elaborating on his aspect of the Samsung, HTC war to become top-selling device in the US. In order to fully understand what Mackenzie had to say you will need a little background. There was allegedly an internal message that went around Samsung. In that message, they were five reasons why the Galaxy S5 is better than the HTC One M8. Now that we are all on the same page, let's move forward.

On Tuesday, Mackenzie talked to BGR and had some words of his own to say in response to Samsung's internal message. "Another sign that this is not just a Samsung/Apple world," adding that Samsung, "should be concerned..." Mackenzie also went on to give his opinion on why the One M8 is better than the Galaxy S5. Listing things like BoomSound, design, the HTC Advantage Program, even the Duo Camera. The camera seems to be the biggest hold up from people and reviewers everywhere. Recently, even that has started to change. Possibly turning the HTC One M8 into 2014's smartphone of the year. According to Mackenzie, the sales of the M8 are already impressive. Mackenzie is quoted saying, "Our first week of sales with one operator-with Verizon was significantly better than the first week last year across multiple carriers." This could be considered good news to the company since recently web traffic sang a different tune. Problem with web traffic-the device hasn't been released everywhere. It is way too early to tell how the device is going to sell. Though on April 11th, the M8 will go head to head with the S5 on store shelves. It is all very exciting.  No matter what your outlook is on the M8 or the S5, there is one thing everyone agrees on-these two devices are gaining a lot of traction amongst Android users.

Mackenzie noted that there were more than 8 million viewers watching the launch event of the M8 around the world. Not only that, but the device has received over 300% more press coverage than it's predecessor the M7. These numbers are great, they just won't all translate into direct sales. A the end of it all, if you are on Samsung's side of the fence, you have the right to say you are the most sought after competitor amongst OEMs. The one to beat per say. If you are on HTC's side of the fence, you can walk around with a smile knowing Samsung seems to fear the M8. We will know for sure at the end of the quarter, but will definitely get a glimpse on April 11th, when both devices hit store shelves around the world.

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