Is HTC Releasing a Cheaper Plastic HTC One M8 in May?


The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 have both been released everywhere. In most stores, going head to head on the shelves. No matter which device you are backing-or possibly walking around with-one thing many of us can agree on is design. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has some great features, but the HTC One M8 has the best design so far in 2014. One of the major things that separates the HTC One M8 from the Galaxy S5 is the all metal body. Though HTC might be working on a plastic version of the M8.

Even more news about this possible plastic HTC One M8, is that it may be coming to you as soon as May 2014. Now before we go saying that HTC is saturating the market again, let's dive into more detail about this possible device.

As far as specs are concerned, the plastic M8 would have the same specs as the original M8. So the question here is why make a plastic version? Market reach seems to be the main reason. If HTC is releasing this plastic M8, it would come with a price tag that drastically differs. The M8 in China has been released at around $853. Rumors surrounding this possible plastic M8 suggest a price tag of only $483 in China. That is a huge difference, and places a high-end device in the mid range market.

The move could prove to be a very interesting one if done correctly. However, the design is the biggest plus of the M8. Would consumers be sacrificing too much when picking up the M8 plastic? That's for consumer to decide. It would also be interesting to see how a plastic version of the M8 holds up against the Samsung Galaxy S5. There is another possibility to this rumor though- a HTC Butterfly device?

There have been rumors of an HTC Butterfly device coming our way. This device is said to have similar specs to the M8 with the biggest difference being the camera. According to leaked benchmark results, the next Butterfly will have a 13MP camera. That is definitely different from the Ultra Pixel shooter on the M8. You could look at it that the plastic Butterfly is the same device just a different build material. To make up for the lack of metal, they could throw on a 13MP shooter. As you can tell, details are unclear. We will keep you posted on further details surrounding both the HTC Butterfly, and the possible plastic M8. In the meantime, would you buy a plastic M8 with a cheaper price than the original M8? Or do you not want to lose that all metal design? How do you think a plastic M8 with a 13MP camera hold up against the Samsung Galaxy S5? There is space to talk below, or on our G+ page.

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