HTC: "We're Happy with HTC One M8 Sales So Far"


Last night, a report came out that the HTC One M8 was already seeing pretty bad sales. But what that report failed to mention – or maybe forgot – is that the HTC One M8 actually launches next week. Yes the device has been out for a week, but only on Verizon in the US and at Carphone Warehouse in the UK. So obviously sale numbers won’t be that high. But on April 11th, the HTC One M8 will be available at T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and various other countries around the world. Around 100 other countries. So like I’ve said before, don’t believe those “early reports” as they are usually wrong, and/or biased. Now these numbers in this report weren’t necessarily wrong. As it’s coming from Chitika, which is measuring the web traffic of devices. And the HTC One M8 is sitting at 0.1%, while it’s not the best, it’s not the worst either.

Sure the HTC One M8 isn’t seeing the same success as the Galaxy S5 would see if it were in just Verizon stores and Carphone Warehouse, but that’s a whole other story, since Samsung spends a ton on marketing every year. That’s a ton of money that HTC doesn’t have. HTC America’s President, Jason Mackenzie went to Twitter last night to say that these reports coming out last night were wrong and that HTC is pleased with the initial sales of the HTC One M8.

Now if the web traffic from the HTC One M8 is still under 1% after a week of it being available on every carrier, I’d be worried, but at this point I’m not. HTC has an amazing device here. While the camera is somewhat controversial, it’s still an amazing camera – more on that later though. How many of our readers have picked up the HTC One M8 or have pre-ordered it? Let us know in the comments below.