HP to Launch Slate 7 Extreme with Beats Audio?

April 29, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson


When HP originally launched the HP Slate 7 this sort of time last year, we were all pretty disappointed. Not only was it a hunky affair, it didn’t meet the common specs found in other 7-inch tablets for the same price and needless to say, it didn’t stick around for long. Partnering with Nvidia however, HP managed to put together an altogether much more pleasing device in the form of the Slate 7 Extreme, which was essentially Nvidia’s Tegra Note tablet dressed up how HP liked it. This tablet was a much better offering from HP and while the screen resolution wasn’t the best out there, the Tegra 4 made up for that with great gaming potential. It even had a built-in stylus, too.

Not one content to leave products as they are however, HP looks to be readying a Beats Audio version of the Slate 7 Extreme, complete in red guise. Something funny is happening on HP’s website as of late, first the unannounced, yet seemingly finalized, Slatebook 14 leaks out and now this Beast Audio version of the Slate 7 Extreme has been found on their website as well. A 360-degree view of the device is available from HP’s website. Dubbed the “Slate 7 Beats Special Edition” by HP, the device looks pretty much identical to the Slate 7 Extreme and even comes with the stylus, trying to hide away in the bottom corner of the slate.

With no official word from HP, it’s hard to know just when – or even if at this point – this version of the Slate 7 makes it to market. However, considering the Slatebook 14 Android-powered laptop prominently features Beats Audio, then there’s a good chance that the two will be launching together a little later on in the year. We’re going to keep an eye out on this one, as it looks like HP is taking Android a little more seriously with some good products in the pipeline, all powered by the Tegra 4 CPU which should do great for gaming.