Honeywell Now Offers a Bluetooth Air Purifier that You Can Control from Your Smartphone



These days, the items and devices in our homes are becoming more and more connected, speakers are controlled by Bluetooth, our music comes from the Internet, light bulbs can be controlled from your tablet and your AC unit can even connect to the Internet. Well, Honeywell has Bluetooth-ified one more household appliance that many of you rely on; the humble Air Purifier. The sexily named HPA250B will connect to either an iOS device or an Android smartphone and can be controlled from your smartphone, as well as get alerts from your device, too.


First thing's first, this is an Air Purifier, so there are certain specs we need to talk about, Utilizing a HEPA filter, the HPA250B will deal with "99.97% of microscopic allergens as small as 0.3 microns". For the size conscious, Honeywell's Air Purifier of the future is 18-7/8" tall, 10-1/8" and 17-3/4" deep and it'll purify a room size up to 310 sq ft. So, a capable Air Purifier indeed, Honeywell's latest will suit most people's needs. If you're looking for an Air Purifier first and foremost, we'd say this does the job, but we're no experts.

The Bluetooth side of things allows you to control your new HPA250B, including the ability to be scheduled to suit your own working life or lifestyle. That should keep the filter inside going for a little longer than something always in use, but of course the HPA250B also alerts you via your smartphone when the filter needs replacing. All this Bluetooth stuff is starting to make our lives that little bit easier, but will we soon have too much Bluetooth going on in our lives? With Bluetooth speakers, lightbulbs, watches, and more you could potentially end up with a home more connected than you are. Of course, not everyone is going to buy everything with Bluetooth in it, and a lot of home appliances can make great use of such a function. Do you use Bluetooth at home? If so, let us know for what in the comments and over on Google+! To get your own Air Purifier with Bluetooth, head on over to Best Buy at the source link, just be prepared with $270 at the ready!

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