Hangouts v2.1 APK Has Strings for SMS/MMS Backup, Google Voice and More

Nexus 5 Hangouts SMS AH

Per usual, Android Police has just torn down the latest APK for Hangouts which started pushing out last night. They found all kinds of strings for Google Voice, SMS/MMS Backup and a few other goodies. Perhaps the most interesting part here is the Google Voice tidbits in the APK. Which Android Police point out that it’s difficult to tell just exactly how Google Voice will work inside Hangouts, as far as the interface goes. Here’s a tidbit of the code found in the apk:

“<string name=”gv_voicemail_notification_enabled_key”>gv_voicemail_notification_enabled_key</string>

<string name=”gv_voicemail_sound_key”>gv_voicemail_sound_key</string>
<string name=”gv_voicemail_vibrate_key”>gv_voicemail_vibrate_boolean_key</string>
<string name=”google_voice_messages_key”>google_voice_messages_boolean_key</string>
<string name=”gv_sms_notifications_key_title”>Google Voice SMS</string>
<string name=”google_voice_preference_category”>GOOGLE VOICE – %s</string>
<string name=”butter_bar_gv_promo_title”>Migrate Google Voice to Hangouts</string>
<string name=”sms_default_send_from_summary_with_number”>Google Voice – %s</string>
<string name=”sms_default_send_from_summary_without_number”>Google Voice</string>

<string name=”hangout_gv_insufficient_funds_dialog_title”>Call ended</string>
<string name=”hangout_gv_add_balance”>Add Balance</string>
<string name=”google_voice_messages_title”>Messages</string>
<string name=”google_voice_messages_summary”>Show SMS &amp; voicemail in Hangouts</string>
<string name=”google_voice_number_delimeter”>”, “</string>
<string name=”via_gv”>via GV</string>”

There’s also some code for a smart reply for Google Voice as well as text and picture messaging backup. Which is a feature that we have plenty of apps for. And we have been waiting for it to come to the stock messaging app, as it’s been available for most other third-party messaging services.

“<string name=”dump_sms_pref_key”>dump_sms_pref_key</string>
<string name=”dump_mms_pref_key”>dump_mms_pref_key</string>
<string name=”dump_sms_pref_title”>Dump SMS</string>
<string name=”dump_sms_pref_summary”>Dump received SMS raw data into external storage file</string>
<string name=”dump_mms_pref_title”>Dump MMS</string>
<string name=”dump_mms_pref_summary”>Dump received MMS raw data into external storage file</string>
<string name=”email_sms_mms_dump_file_subject”>SMS dump file</string>
<string name=”email_sms_mms_dump_file_chooser_title”>Email SMS dump</string>
<string name=”load_sms_mms_from_dump_file_dialog_title”>Load dump file</string>
<string name=”email_sms_mms_from_dump_file_dialog_title”>Email dump file</string>”

It’ll be interesting to see when these features get enabled in Hangouts. But it’s the start of something bigger, especially with Google Voice. We’ve been hearing that it’ll be integrated since last fall. Which was about 6 months ago. Hopefully we’ll get full blown Google Voice support pretty soon. How many of you are anxiously awaiting Google Voice integration into hangouts? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below.