Great Scott! Google Signs Deal For 407 Megawatts Of Wind Energy For Their Datacenter

Following the trend of Earth Day, and going green, Google has announced that they will begin a project to use wind energy to power their Iowa data center. The wind energy will come from a company based out of Iowa(no surprise there)called MidAmerican Energy, which Google has signed a deal with to get 407 megawatts of power to keep their data center running. This is one idea that Apple is glad to have copied as they put it, and ironically Google is doing just as they did when Apple was scored fairly low on their rating for companies who use clean energy solutions for power. Google's initiative comes from the same result of a low score from Green Peace's most recent report.

While Google's score wasn't the lowest as they recently were scored at 48% clean energy use, and they have made improvements over their last score of 39.4%, they still have much improvement to make to put them on par with companies like Apple who now use 100% clean energy. Between the newly agreed upon 407 megawatts of wind energy that Google will begin using, they are now reporting to be just over 1 gigawatts for renewable clean energy which comes from various sources. The 407 megawatts of clean wind energy will be solely for powering Google's data center in Iowa, and while being their largest renewable energy agreement to date, it is now their seventh total clean energy agreement.

Google's mission is not just to make their own energy use clean and renewable, as they have invested over $1 billion in 15 different renewable energy investments throughout the globe. They want to help reduce the carbon footprint and lower the amount of greenhouse gas emissions on a large scale around the world, and not just in the areas where their data centers are located. They want to help others be green, and they're attempting to do their part to make it easier for others to accomplish. Google is serious about becoming more green, which is why they've signed this new deal, however that doesn't mean they can't have a little fun in the midst of all this serious business, calling the deal for wind energy an "Earth Day treat" for their Iowa data center.


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