Google's Play Store Now Shows All Your +1s and Ratings On the Desktop

Google has been bringing more and more of their mobile features to the desktop. We have seen Chrome Browser getting updates that allow for Google Now windows on your desktop. Now we are seeing an update to the desktop version of the Play Store. This update is being called "My Activity" and, as you may have guessed already, this is where you will find all of your recent activity in the Play Store.

In case you didn't know, Google has made commenting on apps in the Play Store only possible through Google+. For some this is an inconvenience and for others it makes a lot of sense. The Google+ requirement allows you to find out if friends like the app, most simply through a +1. When you +1 an app, that action goes straight to a recent activities tab on your mobile device Play Store app, and helps keep track of what you like, in case you forget. Though with this update to the desktop version of the Play Store, you will be able to see this activity on your desktop.

This update hasn't been fully completed as of yet, though we imagine it will be soon. Once finished, it has been assumed that you will not only be able to see your activity, but your friends activity as well. This could come in handy if you are looking for some new games or apps to try out, but only trust your friends to leave honest comments. Where can you find this my activity section of the web-based Play Store?

It is actually very easy to find it, on the right hand side, right under the "Devices" link, you will find "My Activity. Once you click it, you will be taken to a page that looks like the header image, all of your recent 1+'s will show up as well as comments. So now it is easier to track your history, and possibly in the near future, your friends history from the web-based Play Store.

What do you think though, do you like having access to your history, or do you find this useless? Where do you see the benefits and where do you see some downfalls to this function? Let us know down below, or on our Google+ page.

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