Google's New 'Glass at Work' Looking For New Apps Businesses Can Use


Google is expecting big things from its Glass project, and rightly so. As wild as Google thinks at times, I doubt that even Google had any idea just how big of an impact their wearable Google Glass device could have on the world. This is where Google was smart in 'leaking' out the device to some enthusiastic participants, willing to pay $1,500, to 'test' their new device. It has paid out great dividends over the past year as more and more applications for Glass are being realized. Developers are being challenged to come up with more applications to help solve these many obstacles. Google has reached out to Developers on more than one occasion to help Glass realize its full potential.

In a recent Blog on the Glass Developers' page, Google gave praise to their Explorers group that are testing Glass and working with Google to make it a better and more useful product.  Through the Explorers program alone, there have been numerous Glass users that have taken it upon themselves to suggest, and even use Glass in their own business environment.  Even companies that Glass users work for have taken it upon themselves to work with Developers to find solutions via Glass – and to this end, Google is now reaching out with their 'Glass at Work' Developers program with this invitation:


This is only the beginning of what's possible for Glass and business.  If you're a developer who is creating software for U.S. based enterprises, we'd love your help in building the future of Glass at Work.  Get in touch with us here:

When our source reached out to Google to get more information about the project, Google responded to them:

"Today, there are thousands of consumers out there enjoying Glass in ways that are both practical and inspirational. At the same time, we've also seen many in the enterprise world — from pro sports teams, to hospitals — begin experimenting with Glass. We wanted to create a program that made it easier for them to get started on implementing Glass in their businesses."


Over the past year, we have seen firefighters use Glass to send back actual shots of the fire, and to search for the cause of the incident.  Police are using Glass to help apprehend criminals by immediately getting facts about their suspects and in helping to identifying crime scenes.  Hospitals are realizing that immediate information about an incoming patient, that was in an accident and being brought into the emergency room, can mean a matter between the life and death of the individual.  Even recently, there was a Google Glass Trial to see if Glass could help those suffering from Parkinson's disease. Google realizes that this is only the beginning of how Glass can become an effective tool for a wide range of businesses, and for Developers, this is a great new opportunity to grow your business as well.

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