Google Wants Potential Explorers To Try Glass On At Home Before They Purchase

Just in case you haven't had the opportunity to try Google Glass on for yourself, and you aren't willing to pony up the dough it'll cost you to actually buy it, you may be in luck if you were looking forward to seeing how you look when your face is adorned with Glass. Google is reportedly setting up and deploying home try-on kits to potential Glass explorers, so that they can test each one on and see how it looks, fits and might function if they were to enter the program. As most of you probably already know, the cost to be a Glass Explorer is $1,500, which is no small fee and thus the reason many have shied away from the opportunity, waiting until the price comes down which is suspected to be sometime at the end of or near the end of this year with Google Glass going full production ready in consumer launch.

You may also know that Google gave anyone in the U.S. an opportunity to buy glass just a couple days ago for one day only, just in case there were some people who haven't previously gotten invites to the Explorer program and wanted to buy. With that day come and gone, users are left with no way to actually purchase Glass at the moment, but there will likely be more opportunities in the future. Until then, it looks like users will at least potentially be granted the chance to try on the advanced eyewear, with the home try-on kits coming in four of the five colors: Shale, Sky, Charcoal and Tangerine.

The deal with the home try-on kit is fairly simple. You would essentially call the number listed in the image we have below that shows the message from the Glass team, upon which you would let them know you're interested in the kit. They place a hold of $50 on your credit card while they send out the kit, and you receive it in the mail shortly to put on the non-functioning units with destroyed micro USB charger ports(to prevent charging of the device and getting them to power on)and see how they fit. Not only do you get four non working units of Glass to try them on, but the kit apparently comes with a set of all the frames to test out the style and fit of those too. If you're actually interested in buying Glass but have wanted to try them on first, this isn't a bad way to do it, provided you're actually able to get in on the try-on program.

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