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Yesterday, Google updated their camera app on Android devices and when there's one Android update from Google there's a whole slew of them. The Google Calendar has now been updated and it brings some of the web features to Android at long last. With big things on the horizon for Google apps, like the much-rumored Project Hera that's set to bring some redesign to the core Google apps. We might very well have seen some of that in the new Google Camera update, but the latest update to the Google Calendar app is a little more pedestrian.


First up is the inclusion of autofill locations. When creating an event in your calendar and you input a location, these will now be filled from those known to Google Maps, if it's on Google Maps, your calendar should automatically fill in the location you're heading to. So yes, if you're arranging to meet up at your local Starbucks for one of those ever-so important meetings, you should be able to choose your local Starbucks from the list within the calendar app. Right now, I'm not sure if this is a US-only thing, as I've not been able to get this to work in the UK. None of the local businesses listed on Google Maps near me showed up when I tried, but Artem from Android Police says this even needs some work in the UK, so it's clear that this sort of thing isn't 100% just yet.

The Google Calendar now allows you to join a video call from a calendar event as well, so all told this update makes the calendar app much more useful, but it isn't the revolutionary redesign that many of us have been waiting for, but it's certainly a nice improvement, especially if you use the Google Calendar religiously sometimes. If you've not received the update yet, you can download it from our AndroidFileHost account here.

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