Is Google Looking To Unify What We Bookmark With Google Stars?

April 23, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Think about the way we use bookmarks within Chrome now. That could all soon change with a new feature that Google seems to be exploring and developing called Google Stars. You would think that Google Stars would be more like how we use the star system for ratings of apps withing the Play Store, on the contrary though the new feature for Chrome seems to be an entirely new way to bookmark things that you like and want to save to a personal folder of sorts. Although this feature could still be a ways off from public user access, the feature was discovered by a software developer from Germany, who thinks that we might see Google unveil it at Google I/O this year.

You can already use the star feature within Chrome in a way, as the star icon sits at the very end of the browsers address bar and clicking it bookmarks whatever page you’re on. Furthermore, tapping the star icon within your Gmail Android app or in the desktop version of Gmail, sends those emails to a designated “starred” folder and more or less bookmarks those emails. Since we can already use stars to bookmark webpages and emails within our Gmail inbox, it stands to reason that Google is probably looking into other ways we can use the stars to bookmark things that are part of the Google services. Perhaps we’ll see some sort of way to star certain events within the calendar, by starring dates and then bookmarking that event essentially.

By the indication of what was found within the code, text strings seem to point towards things like bookmarking images, allowing for a drag and drop and/or area select feature with things that you star,(which could be an easy way to go into your stars folder and organize it by area selecting groups of items, and also placing things into it by dragging and dropping)the code even hints at privacy filter features which sounds like you could allow public access to whatever you star, or keep everything hidden from view of anyone but yourself. If Google is trying to take the stars that they use already and add to what we can star, then unify them under one umbrella, finding things we bookmark could get a whole lot easier.