Google Imparts Security Changes To Chrome That Enhance Encryption While Increasing Speed

Chrome has always been a pretty speedy browser for many reasons, and a secure browser on top of it. That doesn't mean that there isn't room for improvement or change though, and today Google has enlightened us on how they are planning to give Chrome more speed and stronger security during use. These tweaks made to the browser aren't just targeting the desktop users of Chrome, but mobile as well as the head of the anti-abuse research team at Google Elie Bursztein posted about the companies efforts to do so.

The breakdown is that Elie and his team have made it so that Chrome uses a new SSL cipher suite, which is three times faster on mobile devices than AES(advanced encryption standard). The faster encryption not only softens the load on network traffic, but provides plenty of benefits for devices that don't have hardware accelerated AES which is namely mobile devices, while also using less power to encrypt or decrypt any data because it works faster. These efforts are surely part of Google's ever existing goals to improve the way things work for us and make them secure. While Google was very open about their contributions to take action in patching any threats due to heartbleed security issue, this new set of security standards helps in part with that while also seeking to provide a smoother and faster browsing experience within Chrome.

Elie helps to point out the improvements made by using a chart with a couple of the more recent processors from previous years, which displays the encryption speeds using those particular CPUs. I don't know much about code or claim to be a securities expert, so what I personally take from all this to mean is that Chrome on Android(as well with the desktop version of the browser)should both soon work faster with a stronger and better encryption. Bursztein doesn't mention in his post if we'll see any immediate benefits from these securities updates, but we imagine we could see some improvement with the browser speed during data encryption/decrytpion sometime after a Chrome for Android update goes out to users. You can check out Elie's G+ post below for more technical details.

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