Google Gives Other Countries A Chance To Earn Play Store Rewards

Google opinion Rewards is probably one of the best apps I have on my phone and my tablet. Why is that? Because for just a minute or two of my time of answering some survey questions, Google gives me Play Store credits that I can use to purchase other apps and games, books, media, etc. Even IAP. It instantly became the most useful app I had because it would allow me the potential opportunity to grab other apps without having to pay for them out of my own pocket. How could I say no to that? While I and many others have been enjoying the benefits of Google Opinion Rewards for some time now, there are plenty of people that haven't had the chance to do so, and those people are basically anyone outside of the US.

No longer is that the case though because as of today Google has opened up the awesome nature of Google Opinion Rewards to three other counties outside of the US. Sorry in advance to anyone who still won't be able to take advantage of this app. We know that stuff like this is frustrating. Google often pilots stuff like this in the US though and then moves things outward to other regions. As of today, android users that reside in the UK, Australia, and our friends up north in Canada will be available to opt in to Google opinion Rewards with the app and start answering surveys to gain some free play store credits. You don't have to do much to get started, just download the app and install, and then begins the waiting game. Yes, it's likely that you won't have any surveys available to you right away, and in many cases for lots of people they don't get surveys very often. I am a testament to this. I maybe get one every few weeks. Once in a while i'll get a two a week a couple times in a row, then nothing.. for a while. My girlfriend on the other hand would get them often, which is how she has amassed enough to buy numerous apps that cost well over $0.99 each. At this current time she has around $13. The point of this is just to illustrate that you may get quite a few and often, and sometimes you'll get none for a while. Others may barely get them at all, and this may have to do with the way you answer the questions within surveys.

Once you install the app you will get notified when a new survey appears, so there's no need to constantly check the app like a mad man just as we sometimes do within settings when a new software update has launched. Sometimes surveys will only be a question or two, and those usually net you about $0.25. Other times you'll get some that are 6 or 7 questions, which usually get you closer to a $1. If you never really buy apps, then you can probably rack up a good amount easily just by never spending, however play credits through rewards now have an expiration date of a year, so make sure to spend them before then.

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